TNT: Experience Marketing. AWESOME.

This is an example of an awesome experience marketing campaign by TNT.

The marketing campaign was done in a Flemish town (Netherlands) and required a person to just press the “drama” button.

Wish they did this in Times Square.



Purina & Mishka!

Do you guys know Mishka?

The dog that was infamous on youtube for saying “I Love You”. Well fame on youtube can get you places.

It is Purina’s ad for their product FortiFlora.


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FedEx, Go Green!

FedEx is always thinking of new ways to be green.

Made by BBDO New York, it’s a pretty smart ad campaign but I am curious to actually see this truck on the road. I always wondered why all delivery trucks couldn’t go green-don’t see any harm in it.


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Equal Treatment

The advertisement was forĀ Akim, The National Association for the Habilitation of Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

Short and simple, to the point.


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Frog Marketing

Brought to you by Red Pepper Agency in Russia.

The idea is simple, change the way people thought of a culture in a fun and different way, while attracting potential customers.

This campaign is great since its not only trying to aim at increasing profit, but changing a stereotypical view of a culture/cuisine. Perfect way to change a brand image as well as recreate a brand association.


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