Oops They Did Diversity Wrong

Thanks to a friend’s tip on this marketing strategy.

Today’s market campaign is brought to you by The Richards Group. A campaign they liked to call “Hail to the V”.

This agency handled the market campaign for Summer’s Eve products. To explain Summer’s Eve products for those who don’t know, let’s just say it deals with feminine care and if you want more details, these commercials will help you further understand.

To start off, the new¬†campaign called for “speaking to women of all backgrounds”. So what did that mean for them? Let’s take a look at the commercial to see what they interpreted that to mean:

So what did you get out of it? I say they are trying very hard to follow the stereotype. Didn’t know speaking to women of all backgrounds meant lets talk about history dating back 1000s of years. Shouldn’t you be talking to women of today. Pushing a child into the heavens and having kung fu masters jumping around doesn’t seem like anybody’s background today…but maybe I am wrong.

But the commercial can’t be that¬†bad? Well here are the others…

At first glance, it might be funny in the use of metaphorical devices and what not. But listen closer to how it is narrated and the subjects they speak of. Doesn’t it seem a bit, stereotypical? If not borderline a bit racist?

I know a marketers job is to relate to its consumers, but really there is a line you don’t cross. I think we want relatable, not stereotyping. Focus on the facts that the product or service is resolving and making easier. Don’t focus on the subject that you are targeting in the narration or even the list of things you are stating. The focus is the product and the service and how it relates to the market you are targeting.

How is a person really suppose to feel about this kind of advertising after they watch it? Is a woman suppose to suddenly feel that the company understands her struggle and go buy the product? Is the channeling of each specific minority group somehow making the company seem more “inclusive”? Who knows?

But from what I know, the company and the agency stand by these advertisements. By the way, the company already had a hiccup in the past-specifically an ad stating “If you wanted to get a raise, you better douche”-for more info on their past hiccup here.

So if you made a mistake in the past, shouldn’t you be more cautious in your future actions? There is time and place for risk taking.

“Hail To the V” campaign did not work out even though they had a catchy marketing slogan. Sad.


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